This is an old topic, yet so worth exploring again.
One of the greatest gifts in life that... you can give yourself… is shifting yourself from having a job to having a calling in life.
Most of us were raised to study hard and get a secure job.
As if all things life will somehow work out for us, if we do those two things right.
It’s been (and for most it still is) the greatest illusion that they blindly dedicate their lives to.
They end up spending the precious time that they were given here in this world, on doing the job… for the sake of doing the job… and producing the much-needed income.
Some of us somehow find ourselves blessed… doing the job that they actually enjoy, like I was!
Only to be rudely awakened from that false sense of security… and end up on the street, due to no fault of mine.
Rare are the ones that were taught differently, though.
People that were raised to follow their dreams, to listen to their heart’s guidance, and act on their passions.
I certainly wasn’t!
I came from the “study hard, get a good job, work hard forever (and make money for others)” type of story.
Until I figured this out on my own and shifted my mindset, which shifted my focus and energy and life as a whole… in a whole new direction.
My job… became my calling… and today, I don’t have a job.
I don’t “work” anymore.
Instead, I follow my heart’s desires and do what I enjoy doing.
And “work that I do” became fun and genuine pleasure.
For me, it’s in helping people transform from within, in all sorts of life matters. It seems that the more meaningful change I help them create, the more juice I get in return…
Whether I help them release their lifelong fears, anger, sadness, guilt, hurt, shame… or whatever emotional baggage they’ve accumulated in life…
Or whether it’s about helping them take their business on a whole new level…
Or relationships…
Or their inner conflicts…
Or deleting their self-perceived limitations…
Or helping them become super confident…
At the end of the day… it kind of doesn’t matter.
The more meaning there’s in it for them, the more joy I seem to get from within me.
And hours or days of work… feels like one endless holiday, fun, joy for me.
So yes, I’d advise anyone to find their own calling, whatever that is, as soon as possible.
You don’t have to live the rest of your life (or one more day really!), doing the job that you don’t like.
Instead, build up your relationship between your mind and heart, so that you can… start hearing… what your heart has been guiding you to do.
Start making decisions from that place and see what happens.
You’ll wake up one day in a dream, just like I did.
Living a life of your dreams. Fulfilled and energized. Healthy and joyful.
It all starts with you and with a decision.
Everything else will follow, naturally.
If you need help aligning yourself from within, getting clarity in what is it that you really want… get in touch with me… and let’s discuss your immediate options.
You must take action towards it.
I’ll just make it super easy for you from there.

Robert “Having a Calling In Life” Simic