NLP Master Practitioner Training

As an NLP Master Practitioner you will advance your skill set and take your knowledge to new heights. Deepening your level of understanding of the nervous system will not only benefit and empower you on a personal basis but will do so for your clients too. 

NLP Master provides you with even more techniques to create the ultimate change, delivering you and your clients into the world of your dreams.

Content covered in NLP Master:

  • Advanced Sub-modalities
  • Advanced Anchoring
  • Advanced Swish Patterns
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Values
  • Quantum linguistics
  • Sleight of Mouth
  • NLP Presentation Skills
  • NLP and other sciences
  • NLP and Health
  • Meta Programs – the programs that manage your inner world
  • Modelling
  • And so much more…

Accreditation and Membership

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