Master Life Coach Training

You are now a Life Coach, so WHY become a Master Life Coach?

We are so confident that if you have attended our Life Coach Training already, taking the next step on your career path with us is guaranteed! Experience has taught us that once you’ve done any of our trainings, you become a raving fan and will naturally want to continue your growth with us. 

Therefore, the only reason this page exists is for those people who haven’t had that first-hand experience yet and are contemplating registering for both of our trainings right away.

So WHY the Master level?

  • Take your expertise and skill set to an advanced level.
  • Expand your practice and offer even MORE to your clients.
  • Understand relationships and how to coach couples through the relationship paradigm.
  • Understand the subject of health and how your skills can often be considered as a miracle by your clients.

You will experience

  • Personal coaching & support throughout the course.
  • Priceless live demonstrations of the coaching techniques taught.
  • Immediate coaching experience as the coach, assisting real clients with their problems.
  • Skill building exercises, ensuring that you leave the training as a competent and confident life coach.
  • Personal Breakthrough Session, designed to help you overcome ALL your personal challenges.

Course Duration

  • 14 Days training

Course Outline

Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Value levels – understanding the evolution of the human psyche and different models of thinking. This transforms your own thinking and ability to understand and help different clients.
  • Values – instead of just teaching you the value of Values (where all our inner drive and motivation comes from), we will teach you how to actually change them so that they match and support your desired outcomes in life.
  • Quantum linguistics – use of very advanced language patterns in changing just about anything. Think of quantum physics, applied in our language, causing profound and instant change in one’s perception of the world. In essence, through inductive thought processes, we lead the client from a space of having a problem into a space of NOT problem (solution). Imagine being able to ask yourself or your client one or two (very specifically designed) questions and, as an effect, problems of any nature completely disappear?
  • Relationship paradigm – learn the magic behind lasting and passionate relationships. You will be in a position to coach your clients in a relationship context and cause profound and immediate desired change.

Advanced Hypnosis

  • Deepening trance
  • Rapid inductions
  • Full body catalepsy
  • Dual inductions
  • Health related techniques


Coaching Techniques

  • Chronic Pain Paradigm – understand what causes all our chronic pain and how to help clients alleviate it themselves in just a few minutes. Priceless!
  • Resourcing – we will show you how to get in touch with the resources you wish to have and what specifically to do in order to embody them. To ensure you keep reading this page, we will restrain from explaining the extents of these powerful techniques here.
  • Quantum jumping
  • The Phurba Technique

2 Days Personal Breakthrough Session (PBS)

The Personal Breakthrough Session is a transformational process where you will have the opportunity to practice your master coaching skills and techniques with a client. In turn, you will have a full day to be the client yourself with a Master Life Coach at your service. The detailed processes and techniques that are used, help you overcome and totally resolve any problems/challenges you might have. It focuses on getting the flow back in your life and reconnecting with your core.

All your negative emotions, beliefs, old baggage and strategies that present challenges in your life will be cleared away, bringing in a positive flow of health and energy. The PBS will guide you through getting rid of your “stuff” and allow you to experience life in a way that is rich and rewarding, meaningful and passionate. Now that your whole being is aligned and supportive of creating the life of your dreams, you will find it easy to discover/design your own future and set matching goals.

Delivery Method

We will teach you the theory and then show you how specifically to apply it and cause change for yourself or your clients. Then we will demonstrate it with real life problems (on a voluntary basis, this client demonstration could be you). Then you will have an opportunity to demonstrate the same, this time you being a Master Life Coach. We will make sure all your questions are answered. This way of teaching ensures that regardless of your learning strategy, your needs will be met and you will experience the sense of ownership and competence as a Master Life Coach.

Manuals are included and you are welcome to bring your own stationery.

Accreditation and Membership

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