How To Become A Life Coach?

Welcome! Are you wondering about how to become a life coach? Becoming a Life Coach nowadays is very easy and yet it’s never been so challenging. As an industry that is not governed by any governmental body, it’s quite a minefield out there, in terms of what is available and the quality and content of the trainings presented. You are left with comparing seemingly identical options and yet most courses available are almost beyond comparison among themselves. Most people are interested in becoming a Life Coach, as they hope the training will give them the knowledge, skills, and a structured efficient approach to help people change and create a better quality of life for themselves.




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It’s true that with all the trainings offered globally, you can have a certificate with your name as a Life Coach. Whether you can really become one is a very different subject. Old life coaching models are very effective in helping people gain clarity and responsibility. They can even help you decide what you want in life. However, they tend to lack the understanding of human neurology, the mind and the science of changing. So, how to become a GREAT life coach?

How To Become A Life Coach


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RCSI Life Coach training is only for those people who are looking for the best of the best. If you are results orientated and driven to help people create ecological, effortless and lasting change, then you are at the right place. We pride ourselves as a heart operated business that aside from phenomenal knowledge, we also have the actual HOW. Once it’s clear what needs to change, we have the skills to facilitate the required change.

As opposed to traditional models of therapy that take forever to effect a measurable change, our techniques make your sessions with clients instantly gratifying and very rewarding. You will learn a new language – a language of the mind which enables you to easily change almost anything within your client’s conditioning! Training is presented in such way that you will learn the theory that often initiates a response of “That’s not possible” or “It’s too good to be true”.

Once the theory is understood, the trainer will demonstrate the skill right in front of you with a genuine client (this volunteer could be you!). Theory becomes believable (rather exciting!) and once all questions have been addressed, you will move into practicing it yourself with clients in the room. You will also have the opportunity to present us with your own problems and in turn become the client. Nothing proves it like a real life experience of your own, doesn’t it? If you feel that this kind of environment is suitable for you, and you really want to know how to become a life coach, that would mean that you are ready for the most meaningful life transforming journey that starts by you getting in touch with us or selecting a link below: