This morning I had “one of those” moments, in my steam shower.

I do this often in the mornings, but today I had one of those realisations, that I’d like to share with you.

In the coaching world, we often talk about the importance and the transformational power of the understanding of human experience. 

That liberating insight, that sets us free to explore and experience life very differently.  

So the deeper we get that, the better. 

And it seems to me that people spend almost all of their focus and mental capacity in trying to get it, get it, get it… 

Which is great, of course… as deeper understandings come with an avalanche of goodness and even more freedom. 

What I am about to suggest, seems to me like a shortcut, but it isn’t really. 

It just goes hand in hand with deepening that understanding. 


Let’s set the stage – you already know that we are feeling our thinking, don’t you? 

We are the thinkers, and the feeling makers. 

Feelings being our guide, our feedback mechanism, informing us, in real-time, about the quality of our thinking at the moment, yes? 

But that’s not all that we are. 

What we really are, is before the thought. 

As we are also the space out of which all thoughts originate. 

So we are the thinker, the experiencer, and also the observer of it all… 

And that understanding, for me personally, fills me up with love, with so much love and understanding… that we all… indeed have, all that we need – inside of us. 

And voila, just like magic… the love that I feel inside, suddenly feels like it’s everywhere, all around me. 

And that feeling… does something very special, indeed. 

Just like the steam that my shower gets to be filled up with, which enters the pores of my skin, warms up my whole body, and in turn… all of my muscles relax… and I get to benefit from the relaxed mind and body… without having to do anything to achieve that level of relaxation, as the steam does the whole job for me… 

Just like that… 

That feeling of love and understanding, does it on its own for me… without me having to do anything about it to cause it. 

It relaxes my mind and my body, and… I find myself… once again… immersed into what I call “our human nature” – our default setting. 

So perhaps it’s time for you “thinking creatures”, to focus a bit on the feeling I am talking about and look for the feeling, as you may find that… through that feeling… mind opens up and you make room for the deeper understanding of our human nature. 

Something to play with this weekend, isn’t it now? 

With all my love and peace, as I am now. 


Robert “Steaming Love” Simic



P.S. November is so close, and that means that I’ll be in Dubai, delivering my Personal Breakthrough Experience signature workshop, and life-changing 
RSCI Coach training, followed by the RSCI Master Coach training. 

For me, that is 25 days of being immersed in that feeling, with my students, full time. Super excited about it all, and hope to share at least a part of that journey with you. That is if  you are ready for it.