I’ve been saying for years now, that a headache is not a thing, and that we shouldn’t be using it as a noun in our language. 

Because, you see a headache is a process, that’s happening within our head. Now you might be thinking, what’s the significance of that? 

Well, if we live under an impression that a headache is a thing, that’s somehow occupying our head, then our approach to fixing this problem will always be in the direction of looking for a solution outside of ourselves, in order to get rid of this “thing” that somehow possessed my head space, right? 

And if we see it as a process, which is what it is in essence, then our approach to fixing this problem would perhaps go in the direction of learning about our body and mind and finding a way to stop, or reverse the process of “headaching”, you see? 

Why don’t you come inside of my training room and watch this wonderful man, heal his own pain in the head, despite the idea that it’s caused by some tooth situation in his mouth. The process took only 55 seconds, watch this… 

*Video clip taken during our recent RSCI Coach training