The previous email stirred so many responses, so let’s continue where we left of, let’s expand your mind even more.

In essence, I said that you are only feeling your thinking.

I implied that you are incapable, as a human being, to experience your life’s circumstances directly… or anything else outside of you for that matter.

You are only capable of experiencing your thinking… about those things.  

Think about that for a moment…

“My life sucks.” 

– No, not true. What is true is that, because of your past experiences and internal ideas about how your life should be, you are failing to see just how blessed you are for being alive, and you are failing to see any other options for changing your life’s circumstances. 

In essence, you gave it that meaning and your loving mind… creates an emotion that “sucks”, trying to guide you through life, saying something like: “Ouch, stop thinking that way, it hurts!”

“I am depressed.” 

– No, you just think you are. “But I truly have no energy and feeling really bad about all things life.” Yes, our emotional states mirror the quality of our thinking. You may think of your past as a painful one in some ways. You may see no hope for a brighter future… thinking that the pain you are in will never pass. 

Perhaps you’ve been searching for solutions to your problems outside of you, and couldn’t find it. So your mind calmed you down, turning your senses inwardly, point to the place where you’d find all the needed solutions… I don’t know. 

But you are feeling your thinking…

“I am afraid of spiders.” 

– No, you are afraid of what you think about spiders. Otherwise, how come, with no spiders around you in reality, you’d feel that same fear even when just thinking of them around you?! 


“I am happy.” – No, you just think you are. 

Oh, what, you didn’t see that one coming!? 


It’s just as true, though.

We were given the power to think, and create hell or heaven… right here in this world.

You do know some people that are experiencing their life as a living hell, don’t you?

And I sure hope you know some of us that feel like we are in heaven already.

We were also given a built-in GPS system that you call “my emotions”, a self-correcting, real-time guide… always telling us what to do and what not to do.

That’s what emotions are.

Governed by the intelligence that surpasses all of ours… combined.

One that knows what thoughts are aligned with who you truly are, and what thinking patterns are simply not you.

Are you listening to its guidance?

Or are you still stuck in the “old world’s thinking” that emotions are happening to you?

Or that when you are feeling emotions, you are somehow feeling the actual situations in your life?

Or one of my favorite ones – feeling other people’s pain?

What a grand illusion we’ve created.. what a deep, fundamental misunderstanding we managed to actualize… through our thinking, of course.

This stuff is deep, and I don’t expect you to agree with me right away.

I don’t even want you to just believe me bluntly, that in fact, this is how your inner world works.

Heck, I won’t even imagine that just by staying in this conversation, you are learning many things… and that somehow… all those things, that you are learning… are making an impact on your mind now, just by understanding English.

Think yourself a great week ahead, my dear, human friend.

I love you, always remember that.

Robert “Transforming Worlds” Simic

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