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The weekend is upon us, and I have a bit deeper one for you ;)

Ponder on this one today:

Who are you… without your story of who you are?

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath in and out…

Really do that… and then ask yourself this:

Who are you without a thought?

Without a thought… can you feel your skin colour?

Without a thought… can you feel your nationality?

Without a thought… can you feel your religion?

And here comes the kicker…

Who are you then… before the thought?

Have a great weekend my human friend, as you begin to realize… the limitless capacities of your mind… and its ability to accommodate any story you buy into.

Robert “Before Thoughts” Simic

P.S. If you are fascinated by these topics, why don’t you join me for a live workshop on 26-27th February (it’s a weekend in Dubai) and experience your own awakening and tune into your superhuman abilities?

I’ve been waiting for you… who’s permission are you waiting for?