Last night, while I was tucking in Mia, at bedtime, she said something that shocked me.

You know how kids can sound so mature, out of nowhere, right?

Well, she is 8 years old, an absolute angel of a child, and I intend to keep tucking her in every night, for as long as I live, or… for as long as she lets me I guess…

So, I was tucking her in last night, and about to give her the last good night kiss, and out of nowhere, she touches my beard gently, and she says: “Daddy, you know that this doesn’t matter…”

Then she moves her little hand on top of my head, and she continues: “And that what you have here also doesn’t matter…”

Then she places her arm onto my chest, saying: “What matters is what you have here, and who you are inside.”

I went speechless for a moment, appreciating every bit of it… looking deeply into her eyes, ensuring her that she’s “got it” and that I absolutely and totally agree with her.


The only correction I’d make in what I said just now, is that these things don’t really come out of nowhere.

These kinds of thoughts have already been planted during your upbringing (by the environment you were raised in), or you learned them later on in your life.

In Mia’s case, I want to believe that she was accessing her own, deeper wisdom, which we can all do… when we are resourceful and aligned from within, with who we truly are.

As a parent, I hope you are teaching that same lesson to your own kids, by being an example, a role model for them to follow…

While as a human being, I have to ask you:

Who are you… deep inside?

Not who the world thinks you are, based on a million masks they saw you wear… but…

Who’s the real you, beyond all of your earthly makeup?

Robert “Who am I” Simic

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