Today I have a tale for you, about a teacher and a wise student of life…

“Imagine you have a dream, that was so vivid and seemed so real,” said the teacher.

“And imagine that you were dreaming a life, where you’d experience one crazy adventure after another. In one moment, you’d overcome some physical obstacles, with nothing but your creativity of the mind.

In another, you’d be falling from the sky, rushing towards the ground, and at the last second – you realize that you can fly!

And after a while, you realize that in your dreams – everything is possible.

You even start looking forward to the next adventure, and you have lots of fun along the way.”

The student would listen to this whole story so far, already experiencing it personally, on some level.

And the teacher would continue: “Until one day, you find yourself in a horrible dream.

A dream that was so scary, so horrid, that you end up feeling helpless, not knowing what to do.

Imagine being in a dark space, and you couldn’t see your own hand… and yet, when you light a match, you realize that you’ve been surrounded by some scary-looking monsters and creatures out of your wildest dreams.

You try running away, but your legs are paralyzed from fear. You try screaming, but no voice comes out.”

And then, the teacher asks the student, “If this was you, what would you do?”

After much thought, the student responded: I would wake up.

This story resembles me and my students, who wake up to the understanding of the nature of thought.

Some realize that… underneath all that could be happening in their life right now, underneath all those wonderful (or scary) thoughts – all is well.

All is well, as their reality is made up of thought, that invisible, formless energy, persistently having us experience the reality of our thinking.

And the even wiser ones get that… it’s not only “all is well”, because underneath it all I will be fine no matter what happens… but they truly get that… all is well and ok, because it’s all made up of thought.

It’s all made up, and that’s what makes it ok.

Since it’s a Wednesday today, I am looking forward to meeting live with my Masterclass members, and discuss with them what we almost always end up talking about – the nature of thought… and our experience of being a human.

Robert “All Is Well” Simic

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