There are only three things you need to know, to transform your life profoundly.

I don’t know of any other knowledge as crucial as this is. 

The key is to get it beyond the conscious comprehension of the data itself. 

To really get it, get it, get it. 

To feel the mere conscious understanding… changing into knowing… now… let’s look at them. 


Number 1: 
There is NOTHING in this world that you could ever feel, other than your thinking. 

Nobody, no circumstance, no thing can ever cause you to feel a feeling. 

You are always, at any given moment… simply feeling your thinking. 


Number 2: 
We are all, always, bathed in the universal Wisdom. 

This formless energy that permeates all that there is, the same Wisdom that runs the whole universe. 

I don’t care how you call it. It’s invisible to our eye, and yet it’s definitely intelligent, and always present.


Number 3: 
That same, built-in Wisdom is using emotions, to guide you in life. 

It gets your body to create a negative emotion, when you have thoughts that don’t support life. 

It gets your body to release positive emotions, when you have thoughts that are aligned with your core. 

This means that all your emotions, the entire range of emotions that a human being can experience, is a gift to you. 

I bet you didn’t even know that you have a built-in Coach that never sleeps, watching every thought you may have… and giving you INSTANT feedback, to the quality of your thinking. 



Really understanding these three facts, can liberate you from the burdens of life. 

  • Rage diminishes, and we go back to our default setting. 
  • Fear goes away, and we find comfort and peace. 
  • Sadness stops, and we find joy. 
  • Hurt evaporates, and we find hope. 

The beauty of it is that it’s built-in. 

Which means that you already have this understanding within yourself.

Just because it may be buried underneath all the learnings you accumulated about yourself and the world, doesn’t mean that you can’t easily… remember it. 

Just because you were raised in the world thinking that emotions are happening to you, or that other people or events in your life are the cause for your feelings… doesn’t mean that you can’t wake up from that illusion and see the truth behind the human experience. 

The simple truth that we are all… living in the feeling of our thinking. 

Which also means that you are always… no matter what’s going on in your life… just one thought away from experiencing joy, peace, or passion in your life. 

Just one thought away… at any given time. 

It’s so simple and so evident in our lives, that it’s beyond me that the majority of people out there still thinks that emotions are happening to them. 

Don’t even get me going about a whole range of therapy and coaching approaches that teach people to protect themselves from all that outside influence. 

Aren’t you glad to have all this knowledge and skills that people all around you desperately need?

Question is… are you using it, are you there for them?

The world has been waiting for you. You are ready now, aren’t you?


Robert “Grounded In Spirit” Simic

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