Guess what?
Today is another day.
And it’s not just a day… it’s a day in your life when you could make a new decision and change just about anything in your life.
Each day when we wake up, we are given an opportunity to spend our day, thinking anything we want, anything we like… because we are free to think any thought.
Granted, we mostly think the same things we were thinking about yesterday and so on, but just because it became a habitual pattern, it doesn’t mean that we cannot change our mind and start thinking NEW thoughts.
It’s a new day, and it comes with X amount of thoughts that you can process today.
How will you use / spend your thoughts today? I do my absolute best to act on my highest excitement, to the best of my ability, throughout the day.
I act on my passion, following my heart’s excitement.
I find that we get excited and “activated” about different things in life.
Which translates that our unique excitement… is a guiding force in life, leading us towards experiencing who we really are.
It’s like a built-in compass, showing us which path in life to follow.
So…. are you listening to your heart, or are you letting fear prevent you to take action towards your desires?
Are your beliefs preventing you to act on your highest excitement or are you fully aligned and free to make those choices?
Trust me when I say this… everything in life changes, when you raise your frequency.
You don’t need me (or anyone else) to tell you what you need to do, or what is good for you.
Just ask yourself, how do you feel when you are excited, joyful, passionate about something?
You feel elevated and it comes with many positive side effects.
From feeling energized, inspired, free of pains, you have clarity of mind, etc…
So chose wisely today, as your thoughts and what you chose to focus on, can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.
This was Robert “Following My Highest Excitement” Simic
P.S. If you’d like me to help you overcome fear based beliefs and whatever other obstacles you’ve accumulated in your mind, that are preventing you to experience the quality of life that you desire, join one of my seminars or trainings and I’ll show you… just how easy change can be. 
Life can be beautiful, if you’d chose a new thought, make a new decision today and initiate that much needed change process. I’ve been waiting for you… what have you been waiting for? A sign? Please… how many signs must your heart still give you… for you to recognize that emotion, that inner, subtle feeling, nudging you towards what you are drawn to, to what’s really good for you? 
Reach out today and let’s start that conversation about your specific needs and desires, so that I can finally help you create that life.