All hope is positive, on the surface.

It lets us dream up the desired outcome, and it provides some level of comfort because of it.

But not all hope is created the same way.

There are two types, and one of them we are better without.

The most common type is when you hope that things will turn out OK, and do nothing about it… hoping that other people will somehow make it happen for you.

This type of hope makes you inactive and complacent.

The other type is when you hope things will turn out OK, and you take it upon yourself to make it so – you take action towards your desired future.

This type of hope gets you in the action mode… and if you follow through, you realize that it was always up to you.

You realize that, in order to have the life that you’d prefer, you have to:

  • Take action towards your dreams
  • Be open for the opportunities
  • Believe in yourself and your own personal power
  • Step-up in life and act according to your highest intentions
  • No one else will do it for you, you must reach for it

But alas… delusional people don’t like hearing any of this.

It mismatches their thinking and messes with their comfort zone.

But the truth is that without action, no real change happens… certainly no change in your favor.

I worked with many “self-made” billionaires…

And not one of them told me that they’ve spent their days sat down, meditating in hope that one day, their life will somehow turn around.

They all had hope, they worked on their self-belief and they plowed through whatever needed to be done… to create their desired results.

Now, I cannot tell you how to live your life…

But I can definitely help you restore your self-belief, which creates fertile ground for the kind of hope that creates magic.

Join me in Dubai, for a live, 2 days workshop… or for a whole 10 days training… and let me work with you personally, in finally transforming your life.

This was Robert “Hoping To Meet You In Person” Simic