This beats everyone’s IQ 
There’s one thing far more important than your IQ.

If you are anything like me, you were raised in the world of thinking your way through life.

The greater your IQ, the better you’d do in life, apparently.

The greater capacity to think and solve problems through reason, the more valuable you’d be to others.

And yet… the thinking and reason are very limited in nature.

Your capacity to rationalize is limited to your life experience and the accumulated knowledge that you already have.

It disconnects you from a far bigger databank of knowledge, and from a far more intelligence than what your brain knows.

We all have access to that universal intelligence, or what the ancients called the Wisdom.

We sometimes recognize it as our inner knowing, or as our intuition.

A feeling that comes out, that beats the logic and bypasses our learned knowledge in life.

And we all have it.

We are immersed in it.

We just can’t access it while stressing, thinking hard, nor using our thinking to access it.

We can only access it with a calm mind.

That’s why we often come up with solutions after we let it go, after we give up thinking our way around the problem.

During a relaxed walk in the nature.

Or during a shower.

A calm mind opens the door to that universal intelligence, and offers new thoughts, new ideas we’ve never thought of before.

It’s the place out of which… all great ideas came from.

And it’s a feeling you can trust.

Operating from, and making decisions from that place is the wisest thing you can do.

It allows you to be present at the moment, escape your upbringing, and be guided by the Wisdom itself.


Robert “Wisdom Beats IQ” Simic

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