What I have for you today, is a quick reflection on the nature of our perceived reality.

As I’ve said many times, your reality is entirely made up of Thought, and we as humans, are living in the feeling of our thinking.

We cannot experience anything else, other than your conscious and unconscious thinking…

Thought being the invisible, intangible, building block of our reality, creating all of our experiences behind the scenes.

Now, while those statements require a deeper conversation on its own, here’s where I wanted to take you today, though…

Assuming the above is an absolute truth, isn’t it wonderful knowing… that Thought has no life of its own?

That no thought can exist, or have a mind of its own – without you.

It is through you, that a thought becomes real, it is through you, that it comes to life.

That’s why one moment we can be sure that everything is going to be fine, and the next we can be equally sure that it isn’t – without anything actually changing in the world.

And really knowing that… should remove all the usual fear around some thoughts, as they simply have no life… or mind of their own.

As one of my old mentors told me: 

The life of a Thought is only as long as you think it.


Read that line again… and let it sink in for a bit.

“The life of a Thought is only as long as you think it.”

And then contemplate this idea as well:

There is no thinking yourself out of a nightmare.

The most natural and the ONLY way to come out of a nightmare – is to WAKE UP, isn’t it? 

And waking up is natural, aren’t you… aware of that too?

I know, it’s just as natural as falling asleep.

And to me, the deeper understanding of the above ideas… leads you to fall in love with a life where the more we throw ourselves into it, the more fun it is to be alive, and the more the world benefits from our deepening our grounding… and growing mastery.

Until next time, enjoy your awakening, my human friend. 


Robert “Naturally Awake” Simic