The one thing that changes everything

The world of personal development is full of techniques, and there’s so much that one could do, in order to experience mental health and well being. 

Over the last 20 years of my life or so, I’ve been looking for that one thing that changes everything. 

One magic formula, one thing to focus on… one thing, to transform my life for the better. 

And while I gathered so much knowledge and tools, techniques that are out of this world that often seem like real magic…

The one thing that changes it all, is the present moment

But not this present moment… as it’s not a moment in time. 

It’s the moment… before time

A moment… beyond time

A moment you find yourself… in the moment. 

In that moment, everything changes. 

Your personal thinking dims out. 

Your well-being starts bubbling up.

New, fresh ideas come to your mind. 

You relax and start breathing with ease. 

Panic and anxiety dissolve. 

Everything changes, in that moment. 

Or better yet…

Nothing changes… but everything seems different.

Therefore, I think the smartest thing to do, is to pay attention… and catch as many of those moments as we can.

See if you can catch yourself, when you are scaring yourself… in your thinking. 

And realize that…

You are never feeling the actual circumstances… as you are always… and only… feeling your thinking.

So be smart… and be open to experience such moments… from within

And by “from within” I don’t mean from inside of your body really…

I mean from beyond your personal thinking… from a place that exists inside of you, and way beyond your physical body… but that’s a story for another email, isn’t it?

Robert “The One Thing That Changes Everything” Simic

P.S. Speaking the wise words is all good, but walking the talk and living it… is another. If you are willing to tap into the infinite potential, that’s literally one thought away… join me live in Dubai, and let me show you, let me demonstrate what’s behind all my words.