One of the coolest scenes I’ve seen in a movie, is when Neo asks Trinity if she can fly a helicopter.

And she said: “Not yet,” closes her eyes briefly, and within seconds, receives a “download” from outside the Matrix, equipping her to fly the helicopter with volition and extreme mastery of the machine.

Now, while the movie was not directly describing our real world and how it works…

The idea that most people live in a 100% thought-created reality, completely unaware that there is another world that exists beyond their personal thinking – is a pure, spiritual fact.

You see…

A lot of people are only aware of their own thinking, and that’s where their “reality” ends. 

Those with a somewhat expanded awareness have already realized the subjective nature of our thoughts (which are often different from other people’s thoughts).

Expand your awareness some more, and you’ll be able to recognize two different kinds of thoughts – the ones that come from our brain (memory and received knowledge) and the ones that seem to “download” into our brain (inspiration, intuition, and wisdom).

Expand it some more…

And a deeper understanding shows up – that we live in a world of Thought, and that we were not designed to experience anything else.

Accordingly, this is the first real acknowledgment of “the Human Matrix” – that things are definitely not what they seem, no matter how real they look, taste, smell, sound, and feel. 

What follows that, is the realization that beyond the Human Matrix is the “Universal Mind” – the intelligence and energy behind life. 

Or if you favor it said this way – the space inside of which all life unfolds.

Now, having said that… 

While answers to factual questions, like: “How much is 3+6+9?” can be searched in our collected database of knowledge… more open questions, like: “How do I transition my career from corporate to running my own coaching business?” or “Who am I, really, and how should I live my life?” are best answered from that deeper part of the mind, aren’t they?

So let me ask you this: “What do you do, when you don’t know what to do?

Personally, while I have yet to receive an instant download like that, which enabled me to fly a helicopter before any actual training…

The way that I live my life, is almost entirely dependent on that particular capacity of the mind.

I stopped searching for answers from what I already know… and started relying on, rather heavily, on that deeper wisdom, that deeper guidance, that’s available to all of us… if we were to learn to listen for it… beyond our personal thinking. 

People experience it during mindless nature walks, or in the shower… or perhaps in a more structured form of meditation… but we all had such experience, on one level or another.

So take this as a gentle reminder, to seek wisdom and guidance in life, from beyond your personal thinking… and from the forever loving, nurturing, life force energy, that’s been around for far longer than you and me… one, out of which all life is created. 


This was Robert “Beyond Matrix” Simic


P.S. These kinds of topics and ongoing conversations, along with the practical tools to apply it all in your life… are all part of what you get as a RSCI Masterclass member.