When I think about the eternal, there’s something about it that magnetizes me deeply, and helps me navigate my life.

In this context, I relate to things as either temporary and therefore transient… or eternal, and therefore infinite.

It’s hard to put my trust and faith in something that’s not really real, in something that is a temporary illusion.

I am fully aware that the nature of all my life circumstances is temporary. 

The nature of all my thoughts is temporary. 

The nature of all my emotional states is temporary. 

The nature of pretty much anything in my life… is temporary. 

The nature of my whole personal reality, which is entirely thought-created… is always temporary. 

However… The nature of principles behind how life works is eternal. 

One of them is a fact is that we are living… in the feeling… of our thinking. 

Which makes absolute sense to me, as our feelings really do change… as quickly as a new thought enters our mind, don’t they? 

So I rest in that grounding… 

I fell in love with the eternal, unchanging nature of how life works, which is something solid – unlike so many illusions… 

It’s something real… eternal… infinite. 

And I find it easy to put my trust and faith in that. 

Something to ponder on, my human friend, as I salute that… which is eternal in you. 

This was Robert “Eternal Wins” Simic 

Oh, and if that doesn’t make total sense yet… but it does pique your interest in this topic, if it feels calming and somewhat deep, it’s only a sign that it’s calling you in, it’s pulling you towards it… and it’s up to you to take action towards it, too. 

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