I see people are still chasing their dreams, and looking for the tools and the strategies for achieving them.
As if they’ve been on this mission, to find what to do, specifically, that will give them the fastest ride to their proverbial success.
“Just tell me what to do, give me solid advice, and I’ll do it!” – they claim.
And funnily enough, most of them never will.
Last weekend I had a private client, for one of my one-on-one full Personal Breakthrough Sessions. The experience was so deep, humbling, and rejuvenating at the same time. Infinite gratitude on both sides.
And one of the lessons that really drove it home for her, was when I said that…
“It’s not about doing certain things. It’s about doing things… in a certain way.”
While I could talk for hours explaining it deeper and unpacking the true meaning of that statement, all I want to do here today, is to give you something to think about this weekend.
Ponder on that statement for a bit… as I am curious to know… what are you hearing in it?
What do you think it says?
My beautiful client realised that she could stop looking for the right things to do… as it’s always… actually been about… doing things… in a certain way.
And yesterday, she sent me this note, saying how she’s living her dream life, how her heart is smiling now all the time, how synchronicity is out of this world. She shared her gratitude, again, calling me “a gift of abundance flow to everyone.” She said that that same statement keeps getting deeper in her head, and that she is now following her highest excitement, in everything that she does, happy to be surprised by the outcomes! She also said that my family and me, will always be in her prayers, which is super sweet of her, of course.
So, when people say: “Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it!”
For someone who doesn’t really give much advice to clients, this is one I generously give out…
I tell them to follow their highest excitement, to the best of their ability, in any given moment, with no attachment to a specific outcome. And that my friends… is that solid “what to do” advice they’ve been looking for.
Can they follow it, can they apply it?
Will they?
Probably not.
Unless they update their minds, and allow themselves to see things differently.
As without that, without RSCI kind of coaching, it all seems like some “wooo-wooo” stuff and “happy go lucky attitude” that makes no sense in our 3D world. And yet, I keep finding highly educated people, ultra-successful ones, that want to learn from me and incorporate my presence, and my knowledge in their lives.
Have a good weekend, my human friend, and let these ideas… work on your mind this weekend… all by themselves… as you… start paying… even more attention… to your inner excitement, to your heart’s passions… that have been patiently… waiting for you to take action.
This was Robert “I’m Telling You What To Do” Simic.
Oh, and  another thing you could do, is contact Corinna and register yourself for the upcoming training. I’ll be back to Dubai and cannot wait to work with you personally, as transforming lives and helping you create change… is kinda my thing, my passion, my personal, soulful excitement!