What is RS Business Coaching?

RS Business Coaching includes one-on-one Mentoring and Full tech support for ongoing development and implementation of agreed strategies.

In short, you are getting my guidance and all the know-how that I have. The deal includes my tech team, who will handle all of the digital stuff for you as well. It also includes all the software you would need for this, so no need to buy them separately, and learn how to use them. So it’s a 100% “done for you” deal, as long as you bring your input in terms of your unique content, and we’ll put it to work for you. I’ll even pitch in with templates, to assist you in creating your content.

Here's the longer version of that flow:

1. You will make your application and thus express your interest

2. I will assess your application, and if we seem to be a good fit, I'll respond

3. We'll meet live, for the onboarding call, where I'll get a sense of your current business setup

4. I'll prescribe the strategy, and give you a step by step process to implement it in your business. This is an ongoing process. I will protect you from the common overwhelm, and task you one step at a time, and oversee your progress

5. The focus will be on creating a self-sustainable business, driven by online marketing and building lead generation systems, follow up email sequences, creating/selling your online products, building funnels, etc...

6. Overwhelmed by that mouthful list? Fear not ;) Yours truly knows that Coaches want to coach clients and do what their heart desires, rather than learning how to make websites, opt-in forms, program funnels, and all that digital madness. I will NOT teach you those things, or make you do it yourself somehow. That would be a waste of both of our time. Watch this, as this should be BEST NEWS EVER!

You will have full access to my tech team here, and they will do ALL the techie things for you. You will not have to build one page, nor mess with pixels, nor write one line of code. All the technical implementation of the agreed strategy and needed components for your business, will be included in our deal here.

P.S. Just buying the software that you would need to run such operation, would set you about $400 per month. And then you’d have to learn how to use them and get them to work together, etc… So like I said, best news ever – all that will be included, and out of your “to do” list. You’ll bring yourself to the table, with your Coaching art, and create your unique content.

I’ll teach you the business approach, tell you what needs to be done and how to do it, and you’ll create your unique content, using my guidance, and even some templates. My team will handle all the setup and implementation. In other words, if you can use Word and send an email, that’s all the technical skills you’d need to have.

A dream come true, is it not?

7. Once the setup is ready, we will also post and run your ads for you (in the right way). We'll keep track of it all, and tweak it on an ongoing basis. Of course, the aim is to keep feeding you with hot, targeted leads for your business - warm leads, that have been indoctrinated, who see you as an authority in your line of work, who hope that they can afford you, and that you'd take them on as a client. Surely, you wouldn't mind making that call, and speaking to that potential client, would you?

8. We continue scaling your business, and growing it each month.

This is not for everyone. I only want to work with you, if you are:

This is NOT for you if you are barely meeting your ends meet. Ideally, your business is already up and running, so that we can scale it quickly, but I am willing to work with you even from scratch, as long as you are not cash-strapped, and have a significant financial problem already. As in – if you cannot carry this investment through and be OK for a few months ahead (at least), then this is NOT for you.

Having said that (for ecological reasons), I expect we’ll create super-fast results for you, and elevate your business 10 times better than you’d do on your own – regardless of your current business level and expertise.

In an ideal world, we all show up (you, my tech team, and me), and we hit it right out of the gates! Newly generated revenue for your business easily justifies your ongoing, monthly investment with us and for your advertising, and we stay in this relationship long term.

My aim is to make your business work, which, amongst many other pleasantries, means that you are making money. I want my service to be free for you. I want it to be a no-brainer, because you are making more money than what you are investing here. It’s as simple as that.

As far as I am concerned, your investment will cover the monthly expenses for the software and tech team, and I’ll mentor you out of passion. We’ll see for how long, and the needed level of my personal involvement, as I expect it to be A LOT to start with, and much less as we progress.

Bear in mind that this is not a mass service deal, nor pre-recorded sessions of some kind, and that I will only take about 3 people at a time. Apply here only if you are seriously interested in having my LIVE guidance and support, showing you step by step, how to build and/or scale your Coaching business. Please forgive me in advance, in case you don’t hear back from me at all. It would just mean that it wasn’t the right time for us now, ok?