So much talk about NLP, how about a video NLP Demo?

Did you know that change doesn’t have to be painful? Would you consider that we could easily change, given the right understanding of the “language of our minds”?

Surprisingly for all English speaking people, our mind doesn’t speak English :) Instead, it has its own language and it uses it rather effectively. Learning this “language of the mind” empowers you to gain insights into how your mind perceives information.

In other words, any perception that you currently have about anything is only because of the way your mind stored it in your neurology, and as you learn to “speak” the language of your mind, you get to create a much better quality of life for yourself and other people of course.

How would you like to learn how to change easily? Or how to make changes in your mind simply and effortlessly? In this demo, a client wanted to alter her ‘addiction’ to Nutella (chocolate spread) in such a way that she would be able to ignore it moving forward or, as we phrase it in NLP, she wanted to shift her “like” of Nutella into a “dislike”!

Warning: the following steps and video are not designed to teach or qualify you to use the skills presented, but rather to demonstrate the possibility. In my professional opinion there is so much more to learn about this before one should play with it.

Simple steps used (big picture):

  1. Coach elicits the way her mind initially coded that perception of liking Nutella.
  2. Then he elicited the way her mind coded the perception of something else that she really dislikes.
  3. He then used the dislike-coded template to have her perception of liking Nutella change into a dislike!


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