With the new year approaching so fast, my heart sincerely hopes that you are not going to do what nearly everyone else is doing, year after year.

Almost by magic, at the brink of the New Year, people go to this massive trans-state, as if their very soul is calling upon them, insisting on a new standard, a new way of living and being.

Being as mesmerizing as it is, they set themselves on a new journey, because… let’s face it – for most of us, isn’t it about time really, for some changes to occur in our lives?

Hence the innate motivation, hence the provided energy and positive vibes, just by thinking about it…

But alas, year after year, for the vast majority of people, this is but an endless cycle that never ends, and it never gets fulfilled.

The energetic juice they had while thinking about their desired outcomes evaporated, as soon as they tried to create changes in their lives.

The perceived pain of changing and the effort required, seemed more painful than staying the same… so their interest in changing things around… disappeared overnight.

You know I am talking about the New Year resolutions… don’t you?

So, you may be wondering… how do we turn that around this year? What can we do differently? How to end this endless, unsatisfying, unproductive loop in our lives?

Well, if you are open to gifts, I’d like to give you a gift today, a gift, that keeps on giving.

Today, in this video, I’ll let you watch a webinar that was recorded live, for the paying audience, where I was explaining the mechanics of how we, as human beings, create results in our lives, what limits us, what causes our behaviors, what influences our decisions, where sustainable motivation really comes from, what needs changing, and where change has to happen, to break through our undesired habitual cycles, and so much more.

And tomorrow, I’ll send you a brand new process that’s bound to help you get even more resourceful, so that you can have a little chit-chat with your own heart, and discover your true wants and desires, so that you can gain that much-needed clarity in life.

And a day after that, I will give you access to one of my online courses, which I normally sell for $499 – The Success Blueprint. It’s a really great tool, where I’ll take you by the hand and show you how professionals are going about rebooting their minds, and planting a blueprint for success, in any area of your life.

All of this is yours for free, from my heart to yours, as a gift to you, just for being connected to me, in the ways that you are. All you have to do, is watch today’s video, open tomorrow’s email and do that exercise with me, and then open the next email, the day after tomorrow, to get access to The Success Blueprint as well.

Nothing to buy, nothing else to do, just giving you a ton of value, as a gift, at this time of the year.

All right, watch the above video, immerse yourself in my world, and be excited about the emails that will follow over the next few days.


Watch the recorded webinar above, it starts right after my introductory message.

Robert “Your Santa” Simic