Every time, when I come back home from a trip, what a unique feeling, despite my own claims that I feel at home wherever I am in the world!

Continents, countries, borders… they no longer have an effect on me and I truly feel that I belong, no matter where I find myself in the world.

This is most probably due to the peace that I feel in my heart and that feeling of “all is well”, deep from within… And yet, if I’ve been away, especially if both my wife and I have been away, seeing our two kids eagerly waiting for us to arrive home, brings tears into my eyes… literally.

Ok, maybe they are just expecting some “big presents” we bought for them ;)) Or maybe they truly missed us? Well, I choose to believe that they genuinely missed us! These two monkeys and their loving affection towards us, the bond that’s present… adds to that feeling of “being at home” again. And my already full heart, feels even more complete now.

Cherish your family. Your bloodline or your “chosen one”. Love them and make sure they know that. Don’t wait for a “special holiday opportunity “… Do something for them today. Send a special note or anything at all. Communicate love and caring. We all want more of that stuff. Talk to soon again, off I go to spend some quality, “off the grid” time with my wife and kids. This was Robert, “My Monkeys Are Awesome” Simic


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