We have many abilities, as humans.

One of them is our innate ability to start over.

And I don’t mean the usual “battered but wiser…” I mean, we could start each new day as a blank page.

Perhaps rather than continuing an ongoing novel of suffering and pain… we could literally start each day as a brand new one.

I often use a mirror, as an analogy…

A mirror reflects back… whatever’s in front of it, right?

A mirror doesn’t hold onto the past reflections… it just reflects whatever you place in front of it, in any given moment. It starts each moment as new.

You see, as much as we have our past memories, and perhaps some of them being rather burdening ones… we also have our innate joy, resourcefulness, and creativity that’s been there from the beginning of time.

And while our memories and their meanings can be questionable at times, our innate resourcefulness isn’t learned – we were born with it. It’s built-in… by an intelligence far greater than our own conscious, logical mind.

Perhaps it’s time we all learn how to access that innate wisdom, and how to become more curious than afraid.

Because, for me, it’s never been about “not being afraid” – it’s always been about being more curious than afraid.

Because if you are more curious than afraid, then fear doesn’t matter, as you’d still pull through and keep moving forward, despite the fear, right?

Now… That’s something to think about… and perhaps… become the version of yourself that you’d prefer being.

This was Robert “So Curious” Simic

And, as always, wanting to be more curious than afraid and just saying it, has almost nothing to do with actually becoming it.

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Call me on it, I dare you ;)