Losing a job can be a terrible experience.

It can feel as a loss of security and a loss of certainty in life.

It can feel scary and truly disturbing.

And yet… what I learned in my life, is that losing a job, which purpose was so that, you can pay the bills and perhaps your bank installments…

Isn’t a loss at all.

Losing a job that was anything short to a job that you loved doing, that wasn’t truly energizing you, that never felt deeply meaningful to your spirit as well…

Isn’t a loss at all.

Losing a job that didn’t feel like a calling in life, that wasn’t enriching your very soul…

Isn’t a loss at all.

Perhaps it’s an uncomfortable adjustment, a time in your life where, you get to ask yourself some deeper life questions…

Perhaps it’s time for you to have one deep look into your own eyes, and… find yourself… for the first time in your adulthood…

Or perhaps it’s time for you to… wake up… and reinvent yourself and start a new life.

Reinvent yourself…

I like that… as in times like this, we can easily settle and fade away… or you can choose to step-up in life and defy the odds.

You can choose to get in touch with your loving, never-resting heart… and finally allow it to guide you…

Perhaps it’s time… for you to free yourself up from all the learned, acquired limitations, and thus, un-become who you weren’t, and become who you always were, deeply inside.

Perhaps it’s about time… for you to… do that… so that you can discover and create, a life that you truly desire and deserve.

Perhaps… you are ready now… for that massive change and your inner adjustments… that were as it seems, much needed.

I found my life’s calling in coaching, in helping others overcome their personal barriers and limitations. I come even more alive, when I witness their life changing, deep transformations.

It energizes me, and I’m hooked for life. I’d do it for free, just don’t tell anyone ;)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful… and just freaking awesome, if you could find yourself as well, and feel that absolute alignment with your purpose in life and your inner core?

I bet it would. So… when would now be a good time for you to… start asking those deeper life questions… and align yourself with the change that’s taking place in your life right now?

Robert “It’s About Time” Simic

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