Looking for peace of mind?

That ever-elusive idea of innate well-being… well, you may be surprised by what I’d like to share with you today!

You see, the media outlets constantly bombard us with reasons to believe that we live in very turbulent times.
We live in times of extremes…

Politics is dirty, vicious, and way out of control, constantly causing worldwide conflicts.
There is a raging war right now, affecting the whole world.

There is a global economic crisis. Inflation is hitting all-time highs, markets are plunging in a free-fall manner, and no investment is safe.

Even the paper gains on new financial instruments like crypto, are wiped out, and the fear index is at an all-time high.
The only thing that keeps soaring higher, and higher… is fear, and the cost of living – regardless of where you live.
Summers are hotter.

Wildfires are in a rage again.

Hurricanes and tornados are a constant threat…

The threat of a new pandemic is the new normal, as well.

And you, my human friend… are looking for peace of mind… amongst all of this?
I salute you for that… even though, you might be looking for that peace of mind at the wrong place. You see, most people will link their peace of mind with certainty. 

They will do their best to beat the uncertainty, and thus, protect themselves, and create a feeling of certainty in their lives. 

They will try to make enough money, thinking they will always be safe, if they can just have enough money… 

Some will find certainty in having power over other people. Some will find it in the love that they get from other people. 

Others will find it in their status, like becoming a celebrity in their field, and having all kinds of followers. 

And all of them… in my humble opinion… would be setting themselves for a big surprise in life, an ugly one at best! 

You see, I think we always win at this game of life, when we are aligned with the nature, when we are aligned with how life actually works. 

For as long as we live in a misalignment, we are selling ourselves a false story of comfort and safety… but that works only for as long as the chosen means of getting our comfort and certainty evaporate – and they always do, eventually. 

Simply because, it’s the very nature of our world… What was born… will eventually die. What was produced… will eventually expire. What was made… will eventually evaporate. 

Money comes and goes, often quite dramatically in the course of our lives. 

Power shifts from one place to the other… 

People’s affection towards us changes over time. 

One’s status in society perhaps being the most unstable of them all… 

I guess what I am saying is that the uncertainty, the very thing that we are so desperately trying to avoid and isolate ourselves from… is the very nature of our ever-changing, ever-evolving world. 

And disconnecting from it… puts us in misalignment with nature itself… which never ends well for us. 

So… how do we find peace of mind then? 

Well, for starters, perhaps we need to learn to embrace and become comfortable with uncertainty? 

Oh, but that’s easier said than done, isn’t it? I am sure it is… but that’s only true… until you find certainty… beyond the scope of this ever-changing world. Until you expand your consciousness… and get in touch… really get in touch… with your true nature. 

As it’s not the peace of mind that you’ve been looking for… it’s your true nature… that you’ve been craving for, actually. It is that… which is unchanging… forever present… behind the scenes of your reality… the pure consciousness… that space beyond your seemingly never-ending personal thinking… that feeling… of peace… and wellness… abundance… within yourself. 

That, my human friend, is always… readily available, and something you can always count on. 

Something you can be eternally certain about, as a never changing, and always constant, silence… or peace… in its truest form. 

So no, you cannot have peace of mind. 

But you can always… always… immerse yourself… right into the peace… that transcends the ever changing, forever thinking mind.

This was Robert “Peacefully Observing” Simic