Overall best learning experience ever. The learnings are transforming, life enhancing, infinitely limitless possibilities and applications. This will revolutionise / transform my medical practice and human interaction beyond measure.

Dr. Kgantso T. Maloba

Hello Robert,

There was so much more I wanted to say last Saturday evening when I stood up there holding my certificates… but the tears came flooding (and the knees started shaking!!) and I just couldn’t get the words out… It was rather strange for me, as I stand up and speak confidently in front of people ALL the time – But I guess this time was rather different…


Anyway – I really just want to say a proper THANK YOU to you! … A Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for an incredible 8 days of learning, growing and awakening! What we experienced with you, one cannot put a price on, and I’m grateful beyond words for everything I gained… and everything I let go of during this time. Thank you for helping me find my wings to fly…


Have a happy week, and see you soon for PBE! :-)

Love, Debbie Debbie Hunt

This journey over the past 8 days has been phenomenal. I cannot think of any place in the world I would rather have been.
This is the beginning of the rest of my journey!!! Thank you!!

Sibongile Komati

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There are no words for this course. I only know what I feel and even that I can’t put into words. There are no words for how this has changed my life, changed every cell of my being. I couldn’t put a price on this experience and I am so unbelievably grateful to Robert who besides my husband is the greatest human being I have ever had the privilege of knowing. There is no more space to write… A M A Z I N G !

Talya Whitaker

Words seem inadequate to express what this coaching training has meant to me. I am equipped to do the things I have dreamed of doing & be the person I am meant to be. Thank you. I am… Me.

Carroll Foster

At the beginning I booked a course only to realize it was a journey. A journey of discovery and re-discovery. I have cried, I have laughed, but most of all I have grown. You will always be close to my heart for helping me find my key. Thank you!

Rosa Orpen

Amazing knowledge, awareness and trainer. Robert is certainly my role model for presentations.

Munoo Bowan

I’ve had an amazing experience. I found myself again. I found my life purpose in the process. Robert thank you, you are amazing!!! I will definitely be coming back for a master life coach training. Thank you!!!

Fulufhelo Makananise

What a Life Changing Experience. Robert May God Continue to Bless you in Abundance.

Mercia Ngema

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Excellent course, enlightening and content that stretches you as a person and grows you. I am now more resorsceful person than I have ever been. Thank-you!!

Robert Durkin

Most humbling experience of my life. Thank you for the amazing experience of change. Thank you.

Tenielle Strijdom

Dear Robert & Bianca,
Thank you for changing my world!! Looking forward to changing my reality with every word, action and thought.

Shona Anne Anderson

Thank you for giving me a 3D version of myself. I can only thank you by being a success. With deep love & gratitude. Nompumelelo Nunu


Be Even More Inspirational IF Thats Even Possible!!!

Mike Salvato

Thank you. Wow! The skills, knowledge and learnings were remarkable and life-changing (I will keep the change). I feel so empowered… I trust my unconscious mind. I believe in me.

Natica Ramphal-Bhoola

Thank you so much for your passion & persistence in changing this world one person at a time – I am awake ☺

Mapula Ramafoko

Overall an amazing experience. I came in as one person and I am now leaving as a BRAND NEW PERSON with NEW and EMPOWERING INSIGHTS AND LEARNINGS.

Lerato Malebadi

I have never before experienced such an awakening and been so totally immersed when receiving new teachings. Robert thank you so much for coming into my life and affording me this opportunity and gifting me with this love, learnings and ever increasing growth and connection with the rest of the world and everything.

Natalie du Toit

For many years I have been in search of answers because I honestly believed at the times building up until about month ago that I was completely lost and how you guys came into my life – I have no idea… And during the process of these past 8 days I realised that the search of somebody that I was looking for to give me the answers was in me… there is a saying I came up with “I AM ME, I AM EVERYTHING. WITHOUT ME – I AM NOTHING”. So I am me and I thank you very much!

Edward Whitehead

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Thank you. I have faced my fears and came out strong, empowered and free of fear, anger, sadness – not necessarily in that order. See you at Master Coach. Very powerful. Should have done this years ago – but was ready to do it now… and there you were – ready to teach.

Isabel Bowden

Thank you for giving “me” back to me!! Thank you for your ethics, love, kindness and for enabling me to SEE ME!! “I am” and now I grow/glow. This was exactly what I was searching for. I am found! I have changed, I am light… thank you, THANK YOU.
Kim Willoughby

I came here with a lot of questions but somehow I really didn’t know what those questions are. You just reversed something inside of me… and for the first time I met Edwin within myself… and I’ve got to shake hands with him… and until today… where have you been?! – ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU – thank you.
Edwin Abueng Rapudi

Thank you Robert, for helping me find my Truth, my authentic self! I honor the Greatness in you! And when I see you, I see me!

These 8 days changed my life. I finally found myself. Truly the change intervention I have been waiting for.
Melody Vincent

Thank you for all the new learnings. I have been touched in many ways. You have transformed my life. Thank you for sowing the seeds.
Shawn Rautenbach

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! This has been an INCREDIBLY EMPOWERING AND HUMBLING EXPERIENCE.

It is the first learning program I have participated in where there is such congruency between knowledge, practice, learning and personal shift.

Your walking the talk is the difference.

Vasintha Pather

This week was the most phenomenal week in my life. My life took a whole new meaning. This course opened my eyes in ways that I never thought possible before.

I have attended another personal coaching course before, but THIS COURSE WAS MORE THAN JUST ATTENDANCE. I was part of the course.

I hold the sun and the moon in my hands… my life changed!!! Joyce Lotz

Dear Robert, thank you for topping off my beginning of the awesome journey of discovering true human potential. True empowerment which has infinitive value for growth and development.

The most EXCITING gift I ever received! Thank you for creating me to be a part of your family. A privilege which I will forever show my love and gratitude towards the creation of this training. Love,

Keegan Grant

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my soul.

I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. You have shown me how empowered I am for the rest of my life.

See you a Master Coach.

Vanessa Kelly

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