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Life Coach Training

Life Coaching is a vastly misunderstood subject. People are often misinformed about what life coaching training is and what it isn’t.

They come to us determined, wanting to become a life coach, yet their perceptions and expectations of what a life coach training is, or what a life coach does, vary greatly.

Add to that mix the fact that the life coaching industry is not regulated by any governing body in the world and you’ll begin to realise that choosing the right institute for their life coach training is easier said than done.

Aside from the fortunate few who came directly to us, with no prior education on this subject, we attract many people who already are life coaches – life coaches who are stuck, broken, not fulfilled in their own lives and failing to apply much, if any of the training acquired elsewhere.

They are still searching for their own breakthroughs and inner freedom, knowledge and skills that will enable them to help their clients.

Many of our students are medical doctors, veteran psychologists, psychiatrists, religious leaders, corporate directors… people with strong academic backgrounds.

What a pleasure, at the end of our RSCI Life Coach training, to hear them say that they would trade all their degrees for what they have learned within these incredible 10 days of training.

If you are looking for:

  • A meaningful, holistic approach to life coaching, that truly empowers and touches people’s lives to their very core, unlocks their true potential and enables them to create, achieve and become what they want in life…

  • A Life Coach training that guarantees that you will resolve your own perceived life burdens/emotional baggage from the past, replace any limiting beliefs for the desired ones, find in-depth understanding of who you are and how you got to be where you are now, resolve internal conflicts and become the master of your own destiny…

  • A place where you will be treated with deep love and care, offering unrivaled support and consistency before, during and after the training…

Then you have already arrived and are a perfect student for the RS METHOD. Welcome to Robert Simic Coaching Institute, a place our coaches call Home.