I wanted to demystify the age-old misunderstanding about motivation.

So let me start with this statement: 

“If you are demotivated, if you lack motivation – good for you! “

Because that’s not a problem!

Watch the video to see what I mean:



Transcription of the video:

Hey there, Robert Simic again here, as I wanted to demystify the age-old misunderstanding about motivation.

So let me start with this statement: if you are demotivated, if you lack motivation – good for you! Because that’s not a problem!

We grew up in the world where we got indoctrinated the idea, that we need to go for motivational seminars, that it’s perfectly normal to need the motivation.

And yet, everything I learned so far, points out, that a state of motivation, depends solely from your own conditioning, from your internal book of rules, and nothing else.

Carlos Castaneda writes in one of his books, abut this guy going up to a mountain, to meet with an old, wise man. And as he did, the old wise man gave him a piece of advice. He said something like this: Son, in life… there are billions of paths that you can take. In any moment in time… there are billions of paths that you could choose from, they are all around you!

And what’s most important, my son… is to always… choose a path with a heart. When we are on the path that has no heart for us… we are literally dying inside… and when we are on the path that has a heart, we come alive and we find infinite supply of energy and motivation, so that walking that path is always exciting and fun.

And bear in mind, he said… that the path you find yourself on, that had a heart, but no longer does… change it, right away, the moment you realize that and… pick another path, that has a heart for you now.

You see, when we are aligned with our own internal values and beliefs, when we are living our lives from our very core, from our integrity and purpose… you don’t need the additional something to switch you into a gear, all that external pushing and motivation! In fact, good luck managing the avalanche of your own, naturally generated motivation!

What I’m saying is that… you don’t need motivation, you don’t need that additional push… and most importantly- nothing’s wrong with you!

What you do need, you need to start listening to your own body, as it’s been giving you clues and endless stream of communication, through emotions.

When you are doing stuff that’s misaligned with who you really are, you feel demotivated and drained, don’t you?

And when you act in accordance to your higher calling, when you are on the path with a heart, when you are following your highest excitement… you feel a huge, powerful pull towards it. It comes with an endless supply of motivation!

And voila, your need for motivation solved. You don’t need motivation… you need to find your true calling, your purpose.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t need a sound track, or someone pushing my buttons to get up and do what I do. I get up with a smile on my face, already driven to invest another day of my time, making a difference in this world.

But it wasn’t always like that. I had too many jobs to mention, and there were times when I had zero energy and could hardly make it through a day. My energy levels were so low, it was affecting every area of my life. And I do mean every area of my life, ok? I had no passion and I was merely existing…

And now, I don’t even know… when does it stop? If I didn’t have my loving wife and kids at home to go to, I’d probably keep on working! Or, keep on playing, if you know what I mean.

So, if you are lacking motivation, it’s your own body calling you on it. You are most probably misaligned with what you are meant to be doing in this world and sorry – no juice for you today.

But the moment you switch, the moment your job becomes a calling and you start making your own mark and expressing yourself in this world, in that instant… everything changes.

I have no idea of what your desires are or what you want to do with your life. Only you do… or… could find out, if… you were to… look inside… and… allow yourself to… dream that dream again.

If it happens that you are inspired and energized by the idea of touching people’s lives and making a difference in the world, by helping others wake up too, become stronger and move-on in their life, if the idea of helping others heal their burdens and pains does something for you, then I can help you big time.

Come and join me for our next RSCI Coach training, and let me help you find your own alignment, help you breakthrough your internal obstacles, and help you become the person you always wanted to be. And then of course, you’ll also in the process learn how to do the same for others, and perhaps have a whole new career for you. Maybe, for immediate change of career, maybe for your retirement? As these skills and knowledge, are simply always going to be in demand and valuable to people.

And if your passion and excitement is about something else, then go out there and find a mentor, find another leading expert in that area, that can help you with such skills and setup.

And if you need clarity, strength, self-confidence, and a well-defined future, I’m your guy. I’ll help you breakthrough anything that your mind can possibly conceive, any obstacle whatsoever that you’ve built against your true nature.

So to wrap it up, remember… you don’t need motivation… you need a sense of purpose and internal alignment with who you truly are and what you are meant to do. Ponder on that for a while and… don’t do what you think you can right now… instead, do what you know should’ve been a must for you long time ago. Do what serves your highest intentions, as it’s the only way out of a normal, average, uninspired life.

As on the other side… you’ll find fun, joy, laughter, owe, inspiration, motivation, and passion. And perhaps more importantly… you’ll find… the real you.

So remember… to choose a path… that has a heart… and all the motivation you could ever imagine, will be right there for you.

Alright, that’s it for now, thank you for tuning in, much love and gratitude. Ciao