I just recently heard of this phrase, and it sounded phenomenally romantic… at that moment: “I like you because… and I love you despite…”

We tend to like people because of their good qualities and characteristics, and we tend to love them despite their faults and downfalls.

As in, “I like her because she has such a good, kind heart… and I love her – despite her weird behaviour and horrible taste in music.”

As if… it’s easy to like the good stuff about people, but the fact that I can happily tolerate some negative things about you, must somehow mean that I truly love you.

While the above may ring true for the vast majority of people, and may even sound profoundly romantic…

Aaaaaawwwww ;)

I may spoil it for you today…

I think this is valid only because most people are, in general, driven and motivated by their away-froms, you know, avoiding pains and staying away from their fears… and thus valuing the negative side so much.

I think it’s totally OK to actually love someone because of their good side, or even for no apparent reason at all… without having to glorify and focus on the negative, and thus… form an attachment to it with love. 

I love you… because my heart tells me so.

I love you… because you remind me of who I really am.

I love you… because we are one and the same.

Or if you prefer… I love all of you – with all that you were, with all that you are, and with all that you will ever be.

Now that sounds waaaay better to me.

Be careful what you associate love with, my human friend.

Robert “I Love You Just BeCause” Simic