Wednesday’s are fun for me.

I get to spend about two whole hours with my inner circle, with my like-hearted friends, sharing some good time together and talking about all things life.

I just love our calls.

After all, we’ve been doing it for years now, and it became a part of what I do.

It brings me joy, it’s fun for me.

And there lies a trap for your mind, and you ought to be super careful with this one!

The illusion that forms in our mind is that “When I do this, I experience joy and fun.

When I am surrounded by those people, I get to feel joy.

When I do these things, I get to feel that way.

When I help someone, I feel good.

All those statements are false – and simply an illusion.

Behind the scenes, you are a thinking creature.

You approach and experience your life, through the meanings your brain assigns, through your thoughts, don’t you?

Therefore, the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life, the results you are getting, the way you feel about yourself and interact with others, and pretty much everything else in your life.

Remember from biology class in school, that the only emotion a human can feel, is the one created in our brains?

It’s the job for your Hypothalamus, a part of your brain – your inner chemical factory.

The brain creates and uses emotions, to guide us in life.

It ensures that no matter where you find yourself, regardless of the circumstances you are in… it gives you feedback on the quality of your thinking.

It gives you a negative emotion when you think crappy thoughts, doesn’t it?

It gives you a life energizing emotion, when you are thinking inspiring thoughts, does it not?

It had always been this way, and it’s here to stay, thankfully.

So yes, it’s not what I do or who I am with, that gives me the emotion.

It’s my loving mind, guiding me through life, telling me which thoughts to abandon, and which ones to keep.

We are simply feeling our thinking.

Your job is not to just think happy thoughts, and become a proverbial Tinker Bell.

Your job is to discover what governs your automated thinking patterns, and get the quality of your thinking in order… to experience the life you desire.

Robert “I Did My Part“ Simic

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