Yesterday I read an email from one of my Master Coaches. Sadly, it’s one of those stories when parents get divorced, but kids get to be used for personal agendas afterwards. I won’t go into the details of that story, I’ll just fast forward to the end of it.

At the end of her story she tells me that if she didn’t OWN that one simple formula I taught her… the “Cause and Effect”… she’d probably be on drugs right now, or on some sorts of therapy.

But this one simple formula, totally frees her up from any self-victimizing thoughts and brings about total empowerment.

You see, when we choose to feel like a victim of our circumstances, we end up feeling negative emotions and un-resourcefulness.

Here’s a fact: When we are in a genuinely un-resourceful state, our survival instincts get triggered for us. Flight or fight mechanism gets fired-up and all our growth mechanisms get shut down. That means that we cannot even access the part of our brain where intelligence is.

From that state, we can only make not intelligent decisions. So when we choose to feel empowered, we experience empowering emotions and resourcefulness shows up!

Making ANY kind of a decision in life, responding to the circumstances we find ourselves in… is far better doing, from a resourceful state, isn’t it?

Using our critical mind and intelligence that we already have.

You know, that small thing that separates us, from the rest of the animal kingdom – our ability to think and reason

And it just warms my heart seeing it in real-life practice, by people I care about the most. 

She chose to own her results in life, pretending to “have a say in her life” and thinking things through, deciding consciously how to respond and act onward… and rather than acting out of a self inflicted victimizing emotion, using her intelligence to evaluate things and respond in most useful ways.

You can always choose to be a victim or a creator of your results in life.

Choose what serves you the best, as you always have that choice.

Robert “I Chose To Be The Cause Side Of Life” Simic

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