Yesterday, while driving my car, I was thinking about decisions.

We make decisions all the time, and they impact every area of our lives.

Observing it from above, I find that decisions that we make, are either based on love or fear… aren’t they?

Fear made decisions are not easy to recognize… they tend to be sneaky!

Sure, sometimes we are aware that we are choosing to play small, to avoid risk of loss, and potentially being hurt.

But often, fear based decisions are only masked as practicality… and we are not aware of that in the moment.

Think about that for a bit…

Usually what we really want, seems so big and so out of reach, so much so… that we never even dare to reach out and get it.

Not always, but very often… it seems that we choose what seems practical… masking the fact that we are simply afraid.

So, next time you are aware of making a “practical decision “… ask yourself this question:

Is this really practical… or am I perhaps afraid?

After which, you may choose to do the practical thing, or face your fears and consider another decision.

The other side of it is: love decisions.

Love made decisions bring us closer to our heart’s desires and are aligned with who we really are.

They feed us with energy and support life in general.

They support growth and help us develop continuously.

They help us stretch our comfort zone, so that we become more… of who we need to become… in order to have what we truly want.

You gotta understand that… in order to get what you want… you ought to become it first.

Or… as I prefer saying it… we ought to unbecome… who we aren’t… so that our world can mirror back to us, who we always were.

It’s always been an inside-out game, wasn’t it?

This was Robert “I Choose Love” Simic

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