During the weekend, I had an interesting conversation with one lady.

She said to me: “I don’t trust myself enough.”

And I said: “Hmmm… and who is the one saying that, the one I am speaking to right now, and… how do I know that I can trust you with that?”

Which obviously left her thinking for a moment… and then she said: “You know what I mean, I lost that self-conviction somewhere along the line… I just don’t trust myself like I used to.”

So I explained to her that she can trust that… somewhere deep in her core, trust in herself is not the issue.

Self-confidence is not the issue. 

The only issue is that she placed her trust into a limiting belief about herself and her abilities. 

For whatever reason, justified or not, she allowed fearful thinking to be more dominant than her desire to achieve the opposite.

Which is totally normal, especially in her age that she is in right now.

And while she understood my core message, the quick cure that she was hoping for, and a permanent, lasting change, can only be found inside my unique RS Method. 

You see, what’s required to restore her confidence and her belief in herself, is to thoroughly clean up her mind and body, from all the accumulated and unprocessed negative emotions, especially from fear and hurt.

In other words, to clean up and heal her past, from any past burdens whatsoever. 

Because it is our experiences and perception of the past, that dictates how we think and feel in this present moment, and thus… it sets the stage of how we perceive, and what we’d expect in our future.

You see, if past experiences taught us to settle for less, or to avoid risks, then we will suffer in the present, and settle for a not good enough future. 

And after the past is properly cleaned up, we would need to rewire her mind and literally replace any of those pesky, limiting beliefs that she adopted, and install the ones she’d rather have.

Sadly, that kind of intervention could never happen inside your regular psychology, therapy, or coaching environments. 

It could take years to even partially overcome some of those problems, never mind to have a complete transformation within a few hours. 

And since she is far from being able to afford my one-on-one time, I invited her to join my next live training in Dubai.

It’s the only place where you can experience the RS Method in person, heal yourself and upgrade your mind so effortlessly and so efficiently, that it’s borderline unbelievable.

People who attend this training either seek a major breakthrough in their personal or business life, or pursue it as a new career and become such a phenomenally valuable coach. 

There’s room for anyone who wants to grow, learn and equip themselves with the most advanced change skills on the planet.

Whether you think it’s time to invest in yourself or not, whether you are deserving of such a gift to yourself.. is the only question left.

I can help you change, heal and transform your life inside-out, but I cannot make you be in my training room.

That commitment… you’d need to make on your own.

You probably already know it, and you know that it’s time for you to do this for yourself.

Reach out to me here, and open that conversation. 


Robert “Trust in Self” Simic