Last night we sat by the fireplace, as the day was coming to an end. Food has been grilled, consumed, and done with, but the fire remained. 
It was super windy though, and my wife noticed how “lost” I can seem like, when staring at the fire. I love doing that though, staring at the fire, you know…. just looking at the flames.
I find it so relaxing, almost hypnotic in a way.
I don’t know if you know this, but fire is masculine energy.
It can be used for destruction, and it can also be used for re-birthing purposes, which is what happens in nature.
Doing what I do in this world, I often come across people who’ve lost their fire, you know, they kind of fell asleep, and what needs to happen, is for them to re-ignite that fire.
Because… for us to have that internal, self-initiated motivation, we have to have that fire burning inside of us… for something… for something that we wish to create or experience.
So I love doing that… and I just find it super energizing for me, helping people re-ignite that fire in their hearts!
I end up feeling recharged and energized, feeling like “I’m on fire” – in a very good way, right?
As sometimes… that’s all it takes, for them to elevate their life in a whole different direction.
As people walking around… with an empty heart… with no life force inside… with no burning desire for something, with no fire in their heart, disconnected from our passions… is not good at all.
In those states, we do not thrive.
We are disintegrating.
Maybe you don’t know what your “life purpose” is yet…
But for the love of life… in the meantime, come up with one, come up with any purpose that gives you that life juice, that energizes you and gives you that elevated feeling, and a zest for life!
Become intentional and get passionate about something – anything at all… as that is way healthier and a better state to be in, as it supports life.
I find that when we are passionate about something… the whole universe seems to conspire… to help us bring that about.
And when we are aimless and dispassionate in life… life fades away… and we become a play-toy and a good fit in everyone else’s creations.
So, how about you?

What’s your heart… fiery about?

Robert “The Fire Starter” Simic
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