During the recent RSCI Coach training, I had a chance to demonstrate live, what RS Method can do for clients in real-time.

She said: “I need protection because I am all alone, and the world outside is dangerous.”


As the result of such a belief, her body had built layers of “protection” and separation from the world outside… causing her all sorts of suffering and aches.


I explained, of course, that such a belief can be very limiting and unhealthy to carry around, and she wished it away


Do you want to see one of my favorite interventions, when a client’s reality literally changes, within mere minutes?


Oh, and let me also mention that my client is super smart, witty, and totally awesome to hang out with!


We had perhaps too much fun in the process, but hey… who said that “therapy” has to be boring, or that change has to be slow and painful?!


Just watch her transform from a rather deeply rooted childhood issue, to a woman that feels perfect in her own body, while a fountain of joy springs up from within her!


I feel so blessed, for having the skill-set that touches people’s lives so deeply and meaningfully.


Robert “RS Method Rocks” Simic