Last weekend we had a Polarities Integration workshop, and we had an absolute blast!

What a pleasure helping people wake up… only to have them start dreaming.

Here’s one of my favorite questions from that workshop:

“How many sides does a coin have?”

Most people will say two – heads and tails, wouldn’t you?

But it’s actually 3… as each coin also has the rim, the side if you will, that’s often neglected in our perception, but it is always there.

Imagine going through your life, being governed by the idea that you only have heads or tails to play with, perceiving them as two separate sides, the only two options in life…

And then one day, for the first time ever… you get to realize… that these two sides are a part of ONE WHOLE thing… and you learn that it’s called a coin.

And from that day onward, you relate to it as such – a coin… one whole thing… that contains all 3 sides of it.

Now, you may be wondering… how does this relate to you and your world?

It’s simple… well, sort of ;)

You see, everything starts with your perception, which dictates your relationships with yourself and the world around you, does it not?

So the way you perceive the world matters big time, as it will determine your relationship with everything…

If you grew up like I did, thinking and believing that everything has its opposite side, then you are in trouble… just like I used to be!

It’s true that up has down on the other side, just like the masculine has femininemoney has povertypain has pleasurestrong has weak, etc…

But it’s a false belief that these are the only two options that we have! 

And even more so… that being weak or strong… has anything to do with who we truly are.

If you could only wake up to a belief… to a deep realization… that being weak, or being strong… is a part of ONE WHOLE thing… and that they are just two roles you could choose to play in your life… you wouldn’t attach either one of them to your own identity, would you?

You’d be free from that attachment and your perception of yourself, and thus the choices that you do have, would be different.

Something to think about… my human friend, isn’t it?

Today, I see trinity in everything, from the very core of an Atom, to everything else in the Universe.

And my options in life, look very different than for most people… at any given situation.

This allows me to be resourceful, and use my intellect… almost with no regard to what’s going on around me.

And that’s where peak performance is to be found.

Robert “De-polarized” Simic

P.S. I can’t just invite you for the next Polarities Integration workshop, as there isn’t one scheduled in my calendar yet. I do those super rarely, and usually on a moment’s notice.

But I can, and want to invite you for the next live training in Dubai. I’ll be there in August, and I promise deep transformation – to anyone daring enough to join us. Reach out for more information, I am here for you.