It’s Monday, early morning for me here.

Today I felt like sharing a thought or two about Hope and Faith.

I would imagine you’d want to have both, as they both sound positive, right?

But what’s the difference between them?

Hope is when we have a positive expectation of our future, an optimistic attitude – which is great!

Faith is something else, though.

Faith, and not necessarily in a religious sense, is when you have a belief, an absolute knowing… about a certain outcome or an idea.

The importance of this?

Hope will do wonders for a person that is in any kind of a pain.

For as long as they have “hope that pain will eventually stop…” it makes the pain bearable and keeps depression out of the way!

But faith… faith will help you climb mountains ten times over and provide you with unshakable motivation, trust, conviction, energy, devotion – absolute congruence in your chosen path.

That’s a major difference.

So the question for you is this… do you have faith?

And if you do… what do you have faith in?

Messed up illusion is that some people think they don’t have faith… and yet… they show up in that belief so fully, totally convinced… and thus, qualifying themselves as being super faithful – in that belief!

Again, I gotta emphasise that I don’t mean faith necessarily in a religious sense.

Faith is just an unwavering belief in, or about something, right?

So please, don’t be that person… that places their faith against themselves.

Someone that would bet on anything less than your absolute success.

Have faith in you, and your abilities.

You were born successful.

Against many, many odds!

And you won, just by being here, living amongst us all.

So take it easy with your definitions for success and choose to have faith in yourself.

Faith in your ability and internal resources, to create the experiences and life that you desire.

For what that’s worth… I have faith in you, my human friend… and that means that you could too.

Even more than I ever could.

Robert “Faith Beats Hope” Simic

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