Have you done this, or do you know someone who has?

How many times did you not start something, only because you didn’t know if it would work out for you?

If you really think about it…

That’s just nuts! I mean, it’s very common… but it’s absolutely nuts. It goes like this:

I make it all up in my mind, with an unhappy ending… and then I use that as my decision-making criteria.

That’s just one of the examples of using our creativity… against ourselves.

So no.

None of us have a lack of creativity.

It’s just that majority of people are well versed in using it to make their world smaller.

Have you ever wondered… what would happen if you allowed yourself to use your creativity, and dared to dream again?

What would happen if…

You dared to imagine a positive outcome vividly, and feel the feelings that would come with it?

What would happen if…

You used your wonderful sense of imagination and creativity… in your favor?

In my humble experience of life so far…

All you gotta do is show up.

I’d rate it at about 80% of the success formula in life – the showing up part.

Obviously, showing up fully and with all of yourself gets the prize.

But even just showing up, qualifies you for the finale.

And by the way, showing up is easy… what seems to be difficult for the vast majority of people, is ignoring a myriad of reasons why we can’t.

Settling for less, and making decisions out of fear of things not working out in our favor, is a disease of our time.

Step up, my human friend, show up with all your might, raise your standards in everything you do, spread your wings, and fly high.


This was Robert “Using My Creativity To Create My Preferred Reality” Simic