The story I am about to share with you is “just a metaphor”. So please… don’t take it super seriously.

I don’t want you to take it word for word, literally, and… integrate it fully and immediately.

I also don’t want you to tell other people about it as if… it’s an absolute truth.

At least don’t do any of that until… you hear the full story first, ok?

Here we go…

You see, life is like a game. As the game started for you, you received literally everything that you could possibly need, to complete the whole game… one level at a time.

You were given a body, that can sense the world around you, to help you orient yourself and move around. This amazing body of yours, also comes with a bunch of built in mechanisms, that are literally out of this world!

It comes with built-in, innate intelligence, that knows exactly how to build that whole body of yours, from a speck… which is what your body was at the time of the conception. It knows how to run the immune system and heal your wounds, patch you up when needed.

It also comes with a built-in guidance system, so that no matter where you are in the world, no matter where in your life you are… you know exactly what’s bad and what’s good for you, at any given moment.

It uses emotions as your guiding mechanism, giving you constant feedback on how well you are doing in that very moment, no matter where you are.

So that you always know, with certainty, what to avoid and what to invest more of yourself with.


You came into this world… already… fully equipped for life and everything in it.

You were given the freedom to learn, experience, do and become… anything you can think of.

You were given the ability to think and to use those thoughts… as a genuine play-dough, from which the dreams… and the world as we know it, is made of.

To think your dream and create a life of your dreams… or whatever you are excited to create.

That’s the game, in a nutshell. You got a character to pick, with its own set of virtues and perceived limitations, and you immersed yourself into the game, level 1.

Now, I don’t know what level you are currently on, but you being around and your heart still beating with life… you are still in the game – congratulations!

And the reason I am telling you about all of this today… is because I find that, far too often, people around me act as if they had forgotten all of that?! 

They got so hypnotized by the current level, current event, a reoccurring event or alike… that they had forgotten the fact that… they already have all that they need, in any given moment… all the resources and all the wisdom… to pass the level, to move onward or quite frankly… to do as they please.

Which… includes a continuation of suffering and pain, if they so will it, if it pleases them.

But in case they are simply caught up in their emotions, seemingly not able to escape from it, or don’t know how… I just wanted to send out a reminder, for those that are kind of asleep, consciously and falsely ignorant of their own magnitude and their own potential and a genuine power… that runs through their veins and permeates every single cell of their body.

So that in case they needed a nudge, a reminder like that… I wanted them to remember… that there is more to them than it meets the eye… and that the so-called reality that they are currently creating… is a made-up one. Made-up of thoughts, which is what they are actually experiencing, in this moment.

I wanted them to remember, that it’s impossible for us to experience the world outside of us directly. As we are incapable of feeling anything else… but our own thinking…. about our life, about your world that… you find yourself in.

Change the quality of your thoughts, and… you’ll change your world.

It’s always been true.


Robert “Sending You A Nudge” Simic


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