Consider the following please: babies don’t need therapy. 
I’ve spent most of my life studying martial arts, personal development, and just about any psychological approach there is. 
And in contrast to what the majority of the mainstream approaches claim, I am 100% convinced that every human being has innate mental health
Ancient texts and many sages talk about this. 
They tell us to look within
They point that solutions to our challenges are to be found within us. 
And I believe this is what they have been trying to tell us… 
That, when they say look inside… they wanted us to bypass our logical “ever-knowing” conscious, practical mind and get in touch with that deeper part of ourselves – the mind itself. 
To get in touch with that built-in, innate wisdom – that’s been there from the beginning of time. 
While I cannot claim that I remember being in my mom’s womb, nor the first few years of my childhood… just watching my two kids grow through their life has reminded me that… 
Babies don’t need therapy. 
Well-being is our nature. 
We were born into it. 
Babies cry when there’s pain or discomfort, like hunger or a burning bum… but as soon as that is gone – they masterfully go back to their default setting, which is joy, bliss, and awe of the world they found themselves in… 
And that, my human friend, means that the path to re-igniting our mental health, and restoring our well-being is an inward journey. 
So no amount of external seeking will do. 
Learning to become present again, is a path towards home. 
I must say that, after the last two decades of teaching, all the knowledge that I teach, and all the life-changing tools that come with it, after meaningfully touching so many lives around me… 
With each passing year, I find myself… again, in an even freer, even more loving, even more compassionate, peaceful, and abundant state of mind. I want that for you too, my human friend… 
But only if you want it for yourself . 
Look me up, and let me show you the how. 
This was Robert “Babies Don’t Need Therapy” Simic

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