Make A Real Difference In The World With The Breakthrough Course That’s Helped 3,363+ People Find Their Calling As Life Coaches

Feel stuck and disillusioned with your career? Discover exactly how you can press the ‘RESTART’ button on your life & empower others to achieve their dreams – with the exciting new career opportunity PROVEN to transform lives!

Become A Life Coach With The Awe-Inspiring Ability To Transform The Lives Of Thousands Of People

If you’re trapped in a soulless job that leaves you unfulfilled… feel like your life is at a standstill, no matter how hard you try… and have a strong interest in psychology and helping others… then this could be the most important thing you ever read.

My name is Robert Simic and I’m a life coach master trainer, creator of the RS Method and founder of the Robert Simic Coaching Institute. My revolutionary Online Life Coach Training will show you how to launch an exciting new career helping people transform their lives!

How I Went From Washing Cars To A $10,000-Per-Hour Life Coach For Celebs, Royal Families And Billionaires

When I was 22 I left my home country of Serbia searching for greater opportunities. I had many jobs – washing cars in the Greek islands, night shifts in Germany, managing an office for a successful company in South Africa. Along the way, I developed a deep passion for helping people break through their perceived barriers and achieve their dreams.

Since then, I’ve become a master life coach, NLP trainer and worked with thousands of people including celebrities, billionaires and Royal families. I’ve held sold-out seminars and coaching workshops all over the world. I launched the Robert Simic Coaching Institute to pass on my skills to other people – so they can help others achieve life-changing transformations.


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

Robert Simic
Life Coach Master Trainer

You’ll Love Every Second Of Your Workweek As You Get Paid To Empower Other People

Becoming a life coach won’t just mean helping other people change their lives – it will also transform yours beyond recognition. You’ll finally have a career that leaves you feeling fulfilled at the end of each day – a career that fills you with pride, passion and profound satisfaction.

The Online Life Coach Training and Certification equips you with literally everything you need to start transforming people’s lives NOW. You’ll feel a newfound sense of happiness and fulfillment as you help people achieve a life that truly aligns with their values.


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

Accreditation And Memberships

Discover The Same Coaching Methods I’ve Used To Transform Thousands Of Lives…


I knew I was at the right place. Robert spoke “my language”. It wasn’t just another training, it was far beyond.

I took my life and my business up to the next level. My business literally tripled within 6 months! If you are a spiritual person, and you are looking for the next up level in your life and business, I cannot recommend Robert enough… thank you so much!

Erin Kurt


It’s been 3 years now since I’ve done your training and I am still in such a peaceful, blissful, joyful state. I feel like I have finally found the answers on my question “Who am I?”

Robert, your state of being, your zero judgement of others, your mastery of quantum linguistics, your deep understanding of human nature, your congruency, passion and the tools you have given us… are absolutely priceless.

Prior to your training, I’ve attended well over 30 different courses and met many trainers in the world. You are one of a kind.

Forever grateful, Marko

Marko Mladenovic


10 days transformed my life completely. I am who I am today thanks to Robert’s guidance! Thank you for allowing me to see me for who I truly am :)

I am ME and now I’m spreading my light of love and success!

Mais Mohammed


The first 2 days already changed my life! I helped my mom who had 2 years of depression, just by using one tool Robert taught me during those two days. And that was before I even did the full 10 days of Life Coaching training.

I finally found a like hearted group of people that is like me. I have also done Polarities Integration with him online and I have done his RSCI Mster Coach training.

I like the way Robert teaches through all those different modalities. The energy that he brings with him, the way he deliver the trainings. He teaches, but he also does coaching with us, much more than just a few live demo’s as scheduled. And he does it in so many different ways. I think he is the best one can get.

So thank you Robert so much, you have really changed my life!

Divya Kaur


God gave me my wings.

Sandy Vasu


To say that Robert and his teachings have changed my life completely, would be an understatement.

My career took a whole new route, I started my own business, I live much more purposefully, much more joyfully and it’s affected every part of my life, my relationships, my marriage, relationship with my daughter.

It made me see the world in a completely different way. And life became so much more beautiful. Robert, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Muna Shakour


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

After Completing The Online Life Coach Training And Certification, You’ll Have The Power To…

Gain A Profound Understanding Of Your True Self Discover how to lead a life full of compassion that aligns with your core values – so you feel fulfilled and satisfied at the end of every single day!

Unearth Your Untapped Potential To Help Other People Find out how to unleash hidden talents from deep within yourself… and help others do the same so they can achieve mind-blowing levels of success

Heal Deep Unresolved Traumas In Just 3 Short Minutes! Use this simple yet powerful technique to help countless people resolve their traumas, past burdens, phobias and heartaches in as little as 3 minutes!

Empower And Touch People’s Lives To Their Very Core My holistic approach to life coaching enables you to unlock people’s true potential and help them create, achieve and become what they want in life

Lead People To Overcome ANY Limiting Belief Find out how to guide people past self-imposed ceilings and achieve a level of personal and professional accomplishment they never thought possible


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

Why 88% Of Life Coaches Fail – And How To Power Past Common Roadblocks To Skyrocket Your Success

The truth is 88% of life coaches fail. Why? Because they never actually make the everyday alterations that deliver results. They fall victims to their limiting beliefs, values and attitudes. In other words, they don’t do enough work on themselves and never align their mindset with their new kind of life.

The Life Coach Online Training and Certification shows you how to make lasting changes in your own life, as well as the lives of others. It’s helped 3,363+ people achieve success – and it can do the same for you. You’ll turn your reality upside down, power through internal and external roadblocks, and finally live the life you deserve!

The Powerful Method To Help Your Clients Achieve Breakthroughs They Never Thought Possible

The true secret behind the success of my approach is my revolutionary RS Method. The average life coach is unable to help their clients achieve true and lasting changes. The RS Method combines the most efficient and life transforming techniques in the world, from the beginning of human psychology to the very latest in neural science. It’s where science and spirituality merge into one.

Using the RS Method, you can unlock breakthroughs for your clients you never thought possible. Personal problems, career challenges, self-imposed beliefs – your clients will achieve mind-blowing transformations in front of your eyes and thank you for making it happen.

Launch Your Successful And Exciting New Career In A Booming Global Industry

According to Harvard Business Review magazine, life coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world! This means there is a HUGE opportunity for people like you to build a successful career helping others find their true purpose.

Along the way, you’ll also discover more about yourself than ever before – and achieve an astounding level of personal growth that helps you become a stronger, happier and more fulfilled person. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to transform your own life and the lives of thousands of people who need your help!


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

Congratulations To These Qualified Life Coaches Who Are Ready To Embark On Their Rewarding New Careers


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

3 Simple Steps To Become A Life-Changing Coach…

  1. Claim Your FREE 30-Minute ‘Become A Life Coach’ Mentoring Session You’ll jump on the phone for 30 minutes with one of our Master Life Coaches to discuss your current situation, get to the real root of your problems and discover how to overcome your limitations to forge an exciting new career!

  2. See if You Qualify For Our Online Life Coach Training After your session, you’ll find out if you qualify for our exclusive Online Life Coach Training which will give you everything you need to become a transformational coach who empowers others to achieve their dreams.

  3. Launch A Successful Career Helping Other People As a certified life coach, you can kick start your exciting new career – you’ll leap out of bed every morning and spend your days helping clients achieve incredible breakthroughs that change the course of their lives… forever!


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

The Robert Simic Coaching Institute Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

My mission is to give you the knowledge and confidence to deliver real, lasting transformations to you and your clients’ lives. This is made possible with the unique RS Method and comprehensive Life Coach Online Training and Certification course.

If you don’t find this program to be the most life-altering training you’ve ever completed, simply let my team know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund 100% of your money.


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

Join The 3,363+ Other Life Coaches Who Have Completed Their Transformative Journeys…


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives

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If you’re among the first 12 people to book a mentoring session in this month, you will also receive access to The Success Blueprint absolutely FREE (valued at $497)! The Success Blueprint is the same system I personally used to create all the abundance I have ever manifested in my life.

You can use this approach to build a successful life, career, AND relationships… Anything you can dream of and are willing to commit to will be in your power! To secure this limited-time bonus, all you have to do is book your free mentoring session below.


Kick start Your Successful New Career As A Sought-After Life Coach With The Power To Transform Other People’s Lives


Claim Your FREE 30-Minute ‘Become A Life Coach’ Mentoring Session With One Of Our Master Life Coaches Today & Receive A BONUS Starter Pack (Worth $2088)

Book your free 30-minute ‘Become A Life Coach’ mentoring session with one of our master life coaches. On the call, we’ll review your individual situation and career goals. Plus, all your burning questions will be answered for free, with zero-obligation on your behalf.

Following the call, you’ll receive a FREE BONUS starter pack including:

  • One month’s access to our exclusive RSCI Masterclass (valued at $297)

  • Access to the workshop of the month to help uncover your life’s purpose (valued at $297)

  • Access to 4 LIVE 2 hour group video calls with Robert for 4 weeks (valued at $997)

  • Access to RS Method FULL video interventions, recorded LIVE (valued at $497)

All of this is yours for FREE! Places are limited though, so you need to be quick. Don’t miss out – claim your no-obligation, 30-minute call with one of our master life coaches now!


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